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אריה סתיו - פירסומים Arieh Stav Publications
Arieh Stav


Books - Study & Research:

  • Israelat the Crossroadss(ed.) ACPR Publishers, 1997(ed.) ACPR Publishers, 1997

  • The Israeli Death Wishh: A Study in the Jewish Attitude Toward National Sovereignty (Hebrew), Modan Publishers, 1998

  • Peace: The Arabian Caricaturee, A Study of Anti-Semitic Imagery (Hebrew), Zmora Publishing House, 1999

  • Peace: The Arabian Caricaturee, A Study of Anti-Semitic Imagery ( English) Gefen Publishing House, 1999

  • Ballistic Missiles – The Threat and the Respons(ed.)(ed.) Hebrew, Yediot Aharonot Publishers, 1998

  • Ballistic Missiles – The Threat and the Responsee(ed.)(ed.) English, Brassey's [UK] Ltd., 1999

  •  Ballistic Missiles in the Middle East: Active Defense and Counter-Measures, (ed.), Sussex Academic Press. 2004

  • Political Strategy in an Era of Chaotic Changee(ed.)(ed.) Hebrew Modan Publishers, 1997

  • Israeland aa Palestiniann Statee: Zero Sum Game??(ed.)(ed.)(ed.) English Zmora Publishing House, 2001

  • The Curse of Jewish Self-Hatred (Hebrew), Ariel Center for Policy Research, 2013

  • My Fair Lady: The Ideal of Feminine Beauty in Western Culture    (Hebrew), Tamuz Publishing, 2013


  • A Sunday Afternoon in Kilinski Park  (Hebrew) Aryeh Nir Publishers, 2010

  • A Sunday Afternoon in Kilinski Park (English), Amazon

Poetry Translations (


  • AMORES. Publius Ovidius Naso. Tamuz publishers, 1975

  • LA CHANSON DE ROLAND. Tamuz 1999.


Vol.1. The Classical Period and the Middle Ages

Vol.2. The Renaissance and Baroque

Vol.3. Romantic Period: Germany and England

Vol.4. Romantic Period: France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Poland

Vol. 5. Twentieth Century: Anglo-American Poetry

Vol.6.  Twentieth Century: France, Spain, Latin America, Italy

Vol.7.  Twentieth Century: Germany, Russia, Poland

  • SHAKESPEARE’S SONNETS.  Dvir Publishing House, 2000

  • P0EMA DEL CID. Rimonim Publishers, 2007

  • DAS NIBELUNGENLIED, Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House 2006

  • ADVENTURES OF THE ROUND TABLE KNIGHTS. Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House 2007

Vol. 1: from Sir Gawain and the Green Knigth to Marie de France.

Vol.2: from Alfred Tennison to W.B.Yeats.

  • Dante, LA DIVINA COMMEDIA, Hakibbutz…2007

Vo.1. Inferno - Vol.2 Purgatorio - Vol.3. Paradiso

  • BEOWULF, Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House 2008

  • lA POESIE DES TROUBADOURS. Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing House 2010

  • DEN POETISKE EDDA (The Poetic Edda) Aryeh Nir, 2009

  • λιάς (ILIAD) Vol.1. Books 1 – 12 - Vol 2. Books 13 – 24 Aryeh Nir,  2009

Papers (selection)

Yitzhak Rabin: "Palestine Will Rise Upon the Ruins of the State of Israel." 1996 (English)

The Pentagon Plan: A Map of Defensible Borders for Israel. 1997 (English)

Comparing the Economic Strength of Israel and the Arabs. 1998 (Hebrew)

The Dialectic of Jewish Self-Hatred. 1998 (English)

The Israeli Left – From Cognitive Dissonance toward Moral Deterioration, or Vice-Versa? 1998 (Hebrew) 

American aid to Israel -  Myth or Reality. 1998 (English)

 Peace Now: The Latest Link in the Chain of Jewish Radicalism. 1999  (Hebrew)

A Palestinian State, the Range of Katyusha Rockets and Strategic Abuse. 1999 (English)

Czechoslovakia 1938 - Israel Today, 2000 (English)

The structural shortcomings of nuclear deterrent. 2000 (Hebrew)

WMD in the Middle East – Toward a critical Mass. 2000 (English)

Zionism: Is There Really A Structural Failure? 2002 (Hebrew)

Choosing to Be a Jew: Was it Worthwhile? 2002 (Hebrew)

The Jewish State – Is it Really a “Magnificent Madness”? (Orde Wingate) 2002 (Hebrew)

 Israel won’t be an obstacle to Peace…”  Israel won’t be an obstacle…” … “Israel won’t be.” 2003 (English)

 Germany – The Crime and the Reward. 2003 (Hebrew)


Arieh Stav was born in 1939 in Rovno, Poland at that time, Ukraine today. In 1951 he made aliyah with his mother, was educated at Kibbutz Givat Haim, served in the paratroopers and was a member of the Kibbutz until  1963, when he left and moved to Tel Aviv. He studied psychology, philosophy and drama at TAU.

In 1987 he founded the journal “NATIV” which he edited for 22 years until 2009. In 1997 A.S. established  - with a generous grant from Mr. Ted Arison - the Ariel Center for Policy Reseach which he headed until 2009. During those years A.S. published and edited various books and studies. In 2000 he began publishing poetry translations (an old avocation). This year (2010), after the translation of 25 volumes (see the list attached), the project is finished.

Arieh Stav is married to Lia Stav, has 2 children, and lives in Shaarey Tikva.

website: Lia Stav